The Employers' Survival Guide Under Gov. Pritzker- Recording


A 90-minute webinar on what changes may come for businesses in Illinois once Governor Pritzker begins his term.

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Product Description

Elections have consequences! Serious consequences. And, for Illinois based employers, particularly in the private sector, your ability to operate is about to get really complicated. It should be no surprise that Governor Elect Pritzker is chomping at the bit to work with labor unions and pro-labor politicians in Springfield to materially change the Illinois workplace. From increasing the minimum wage, to paid leave entitlements, the Pritzker administration is going to be aggressively pro-labor when it comes to creating new workplace laws and greater regulation that this State has (believe it or not) yet to experience. What’s arguably more significant is now key State agencies (particularly the Illinois Department of Labor) will be run again by union “blessed” appointees. It goes without saying… HR, Legal, Operations, and Finance need to become intimately familiar with what’s happening in Springfield and what’s to come in 2019 and beyond. This timely 90-minute webinar is presented by the Illinois Chamber’s Employment Law & Litigation Committee Chairman, Jeffrey Risch. Attorney Risch is a Management-Side Labor lawyer with SmithAmundsen LLC.