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10 Aug 2018

Illinois Set to Pass Bill Banning Small Businesses From Discriminating Against LGBTQ Workers

A bill preventing small businesses in Illinois from discriminating against LGBTQ workers is one signature away from becoming law. House Bill 4572 would update the Illinois Human Rights Act to fill a loophole in the law allowing businesses which employ less than 15 people to discriminate on the basis of characteristics like race, religion, national origin, military status, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

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07 Aug 2018

How to save on back to school in Illinois without tax-free weekend

This is the eighth year in a row Illinois families won’t benefit from a back-to-school tax free weekend. Only 16 states are offering a tax free weekend this year, including border states Wisconsin and Missouri. Tax free weekend is designed to knock sales tax off items like clothing, shoes and school supplieev, en electronics and tech in some states. But since 2010, Illinois law makers have said no thanks to the tax break.

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06 Aug 2018

Rauner gives decisions about liquor sales near schools to local officials

Illinois has replaced an arcane state law dating to post-Prohibition days that required businesses to get approval from the state to serve alcohol within 100 feet of a church or school. Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thursday signed the new law, which allows local authorities to hand out exemptions to the state’s Liquor Control Law of 1934 that limits where alcohol sales can take place. Previously, it took an act of the General Assembly and approval of the governor to grant an exemption.

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Concentra® began in 1979 as OccuSystems Inc., a physician-owned practice in Amarillo, Texas. The company grew quickly, reaching nearly 200 locations in 12 states by 2000. In the same year, the company shortened its name to Concentra® and established a reputation as an expert in occupational medicine. By 2005, the company was operating 300 medical centers in 34 states. Concentra entered Illinois in the late 1990s and quickly expanded to 16 locations throughout the state. They recently transitioned all U.S. HealthWorks centers in Illinois to Concentra. This transition has added three more centers in Illinois to the company.

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