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17 Apr 2018

Big box stores help boost Springfield's economy

Big box as well as local businesses can a city's economy in a big way. While there have been some national chains that have closed recently, the most recent being Toys R Us, there are more starting up soon. One of those is the Home Goods that will be opening on the west side of town.

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16 Apr 2018

Rauner signs 5G law that larger Illinois cities opposed

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a measure to bring uniformity in Illinois for cell service providers to install small cell technology known as 5G throughout the state, but the capital city isn’t on board. Senate Bill 1451 is now law. The measure sets out guidelines for local governments and utility or right-of-way authorities on what kinds of deals they can make with telecommunications companies looking to set up newer and more advanced cellular telecommunications technology.

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16 Apr 2018

Privacy debate over biometrics bill

Biometric identification is a technology used to keep track of people through certain identifiers, like fingerprints, retina scans, and facial recognition. It’s technology some companies are now using to do things like track when employees enter and leave the building. Right now, Illinois government has rigid criteria for how this data can be stored. According to Illinois Senator Bill Cunningham, even if a company is storing your information securely, they can still be hit with fines.

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