Evolving LGBT Rights in the Workplace-Recording


A 90-minute webinar recording that discusses an overview of the legal landscape in area and what should be the employer's best practices.

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Product Description

Join Scott Cruz, labor and employment attorney at Clark Hill PLC, for an informative webinar on the current landscape of LGBT rights in the workplace. From television shows like “Transparent” and “Orange is the New Black” highlighting transgender persons’ struggles with civil rights to Caitlyn Jenner winning an Espy for her courage in discussing transgender issues, there has been a growing public awareness of transgender-related issues over the past several years. Beyond pop culture, the rights and protections of transgender employees, as well as lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) employees, in the workplace are also evolving and are complex.

This webinar will provide an overview of the legal landscape in this emerging area and discuss employer best practices for maintaining a legally compliant workplace for LGBT employees. Attendees will learn about the appropriate terminology to use when discussing LGB and transgender-related concepts, the key court and agency decisions addressing issues of sexuality and gender identity in the workplace, and recent legislative efforts aimed at protecting the LGBT community. Attendees will also receive practical guidance for navigating issues related to the use of sexspecific facilities, transitioning in the workplace, and access to specific health benefits.