The Supervisor's Handbook: Leadership Training for Illinois Supervisors


This handbook provides management with practical and important knowledge about the complex web of laws impacting Illinois workplaces.

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Product Description

The Supervisor's Handbook is the quintessential guide to assist your supervisors and managers, new or experienced, with the fundamentals of successful supervision.  The book includes the following topics:

- Fundamentals of Successful Supervision
- Guidelines to Lawful Hiring for Supervisors
- Understanding the ABC's of immigration
- Workplace Privacy
- Leaves of Absence under Federal and Illinois Law
- Understanding an Employer's Obligations
- Workplace Harassment
- Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations
- Accommodation of an Employee's Religious Belief and Expression
- Illinois Wage and Hour Issues
- Employee Discipline and Discharge
- Illinois Workers' Compensation Act
- Dealing with Independent Contractors
- Fundamentals of Union Organizing 
- How to Respond to an OSHA Investigation 
- The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN)
- A Supervisor's Guide to Unemployment
- Understanding the Role of the EEOC and the IDHR from a Supervisor's Perspective

Newly updated in January 2022.