Lawmakers look to end ‘common carrier’ exemption for ride-share companies


`SPRINGFIELD – Ride-share companies such as Uber and Lyft would be subject to the same level of liability as other forms of public transportation under a measure moving through the General Assembly.

Chicago’s mayor-elect to address lawmakers in Springfield Wednesday


(The Center Square) – With the city of Chicago coming into national focus over a spat of crime last weekend, the incoming mayor is heading to Springfield to address Illinois lawmakers.

Business groups ask lawmakers to address Illinois’ biometric privacy law


(The Center Square) – Illinois is known for having the strictest biometric privacy laws in the country, but that may change. The Illinois Supreme Court ruled against the burger chain White Castle in February and said each time a person’s biometric data is collected, it is a violation of the Biometric Information Privacy Act. The company was using finger scans for employee time clocks.