HB 1441

Creates the Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drug Act. This bill would require the Department of Public Health design an importation program for prescription drugs coming from Canada. This bill aims to address specific issues in the prescription drug market and aim to make the market more competitive.

HB 471

Amends the Illinois Insurance Code and the Health Maintenance Organization Act.

HB 1639

Amends the Illinois Insurance Code in an Article concerning accident and health insurance.

HB 156

Creates the Prescription Drug Pricing Transparency Act. Requires health insurers to disclose certain rate and spending information concerning prescription drugs and certain prescription drug pricing information to the Department of Public Health

HB 815

Would have created the Freedom from Aggressive Insurance Increases Review Act. Creates the independent, quasi-judicial Health Insurance Rate Review Board to ensure insurance rates are reasonable and justified. Sets forth duties and prohibited activities concerning the Board. Sets forth the procedures for appointment to the Board.

HB 2604

Would mandate nursing staff levels for hospitals. This legislation would have added costs and compliance would have resulted in staffing and service reductions in other areas.