Local Chamber Partner Program FAQs

What are the different types of programs and what are their benefits?

Incentive Program #1
Local chambers who are members of the Illinois Chamber and who sign an agreement for distributing and publishing Illinois Chamber webinars, seminars, and conferences will receive a 25% return quarterly via check. There is no minimum for participation or purchase. Select only the events you wish to promote. The IL Chamber will provide promotional materials for the events you choose. Contact Kirsten Constant at 217-522-5512 ext 227 or kconstant@ilchamber.org to sign the agreement and become one of our Local Partners in this program.

Incentive Program #2

Local chambers who opt not to sign an agreement but would like to still receive a monthly incentive can receive a 20% credit of revenue. Contact Laurie Silvey for more information on this program at 217-522-5512 ext 223 or lsilvey@ilchamber.org.

When are revenue payments sent to Program #1 partners?

Partner commissions are processed quarterly and paid out within 30 days of the end of each quarter. 

How are referrals tracked?

On each event on the registration page, there is a drop down menu. Your members will select your local chamber via checkbox to give you credit for the promotion of the event.