IWorkzone Workforce Solution

The Illinois Chamber is very proud to announce their partnership with iWorkZone.  Our members expect great value and we continue to find ways to find that value for them.  iWorkZone offers a great way to assess your existing team on their behavioral and interest makeup and to understand what motivates them to success.  They offer a job board system that the basic account is sponsored for you by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.  You can post jobs, using their “e-harmony” style matching, all  under this sponsorship.  They have additional services that will be available for a fee, but the basic account is sponsored for you.

How To Sign Up:

  1. Go to:  http://il.iworkzone.com
  2. Click on the “First Time Employers” button.  It will say “Register Here” above the button.  This is a large orange button.
  3. Enter your business contact information and you are registered.

Once you are registered, you will simply fill in your profile information and be ready to get started.  The iWorkZone team is ready and willing to help you get started and get your account set up. 

--Every employee can be tested for free to establish “Talent Patterns” of success.

--Job postings are free, using their job board system and matching to these talent patterns.

Your Illinois Chamber is working hard to place more and more value in your hands!