Payroll Developments in Illinois 2024

2/21/2024 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Payroll issues in the State of Illinois continues to change and employers need to understand these changes for 2024.  This Webinar will provide an overview of wage and hour changes and provide employers guidance on compliance to avoid litigation. The presenter will discuss the Illinois Salary Transparency Law, Illinois and Chicago Paid Leave For All laws, Illinois Bereavement, and other changes to comply with in 2024.  Illinois Employers are still being dragged into court because of wage and hour violations.  Join Attorney Sean Darke from the national law firm Dykema, while he provides guidance on how employers can comply with payroll issues for 2024 in the State of Illinois and federal law, for the employer to avoid being the next defendant in a lawsuit!


  • Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers compliance tips and warnings;
  • Discussing the delicate issue of bereavement leave with employees and how to comply;
  • Where the U.S. Department of Labor stands with its proposed rules on overtime exemptions;
  • Dissecting how to properly deduct from a salary exempt employee; and
  • Other wage and hour deductions and leave requirements giving employers headaches in 2024

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