The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce its partnership with the management-side labor and employment law group at Amundsen Davis Law to assist Illinois companies navigate the uncertain waters of government intrusion into your business and to help mitigate potential litigation risk.  Amundsen Davis Law has developed a Human Resources Audit task force, available exclusively to Illinois Chamber of Commerce members.  

The HR audit task force will work directly with Chamber of Commerce members to identify the plethora of personnel labor and employment issues common and unique to the business community, along with providing management with updated policies and practices, at a low fixed cost of just $600.00.  This program provides your Company the opportunity to spend a nominal amount of money to potentially insulate your company from exponentially higher costs, should the government audit or a lawsuit is filed.

The Human Resources Audit Program allows access to the advice and counsel of Jeffrey Risch, Chair of Amundsen Davis Law's Labor & Employment Practice Group and Chair of the Illinois Chamber’s Employment Law & Litigation Committee.  With 19 years of experience, Attorney Risch recognizes the increasingly difficult task of managing employees and is committed to helping employers successfully navigate the all too often rough waters of labor and employment laws.

To take advantage of this offer, please call Jill Vancil at (217) 991-8590 or

Jeffrey A Risch, Amundsen Davis Law
150 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3300
Chicago, IL 60601