Illinois Chamber Graduated Income Tax Resource Center

On behalf of our members and businesses throughout the state, the Illinois Chamber is dedicated to providing information, resources and activity to help fight a constitutional amendment allowing a graduated income tax in Illinois.

The Chamber believes a graduated income tax would be devastating for businesses, workers and growth in Illinois. The Chamber is committed to bringing attention to the issue by providing additional information for citizens and legislators to consider.             


  • The Illinois Constitution currently forbids the imposition of a graduated income tax.

  • Calls for constitutional amendments authorizing a graduated income tax continue to come forward in the Illinois General Assembly.

  • Tax rates have not yet been defined.

  • It will be difficult, if not impossible, to install a graduated income tax that raises substantial new revenues, without significantly increasing the tax burden on the middle class.

  • We could see such an amendment on the 2020 ballot.

Tax Decoded

The Illinois Chamber is calling on its members and entrepreneurs across the state to contact their legislators now! You can do so by sending a grassroots activation letter HERE.