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What’s The Difference?

Local Chamber, Trade Association, State Chamber: What’s the Difference?

Local chambers are the lifeblood of the communities they serve, especially here in Illinois. Most local chambers are focused primarily on regional issues and many are involved in area economic development activities.

Trade associations at the state and national level serve a very important purpose, representing the interests of that particular industry, which is important to improving the business climate in Illinois.

The state chamber has a different focus and mission. The primary purpose of the Illinois Chamber is to be a strong advocate for job providers at the state and federal level through legislative, political and legal action.

With offices across from the State Capitol in Springfield and downtown Chicago, the Illinois Chamber’s Business Advocacy Team consists of nine full­-time lobbyists who work hard every day to improve the business climate for small business, medium sized companies and major corporations all across the state. With guidance from our 70 member Board of Directors and over 500  leaders who serve on the Chamber’s five policy councils, the Illinois Chamber serves as a powerful voice for Illinois employers.

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