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Wage and Hour Institute

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce has continued to track and analyze the increasing number of wage and hour lawsuits that have been filed against Illinois businesses over the last decade.  With the Illinois General Assembly continuing to amend these wage and hours laws to favor employees,we have determined that our member businesses need help in understanding and complying with the many different wage and hour laws.  To accomplish that goal, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce has developed its Wage and Hour Institute!

We have brought together some of the top law firms to assist businesses through the maze created by these wage and hour laws.   Illinois Chamber Members will have instant access to these lawyers through a wage and hour hotline, in order to discuss any and all wage and hour questions.  Illinois Chamber Members will also have access to numerous articles on various topics to help support their compliance.  The Wage and Hour Institute will also be offering several webinars throughout the year on the hot topics concerning the wage and hour laws, to assure that Illinois Chamber Members are on the cutting edge of wage and hour developments.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce Wage and Hour Institute will be the leading tool for Illinois Businesses to make sure they are in compliance with all wage and hour laws.

Have questions about Wage and Hour Issues?  Check out these articles first.
Recordkeeping Requirements

Administrative Employees

FLSA Intrastate Exemption

Your Rights When the Government Investigator Stops By

Owners and Officers Could Be Personally Liable under Wage and Hour Laws

Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act

Prevailing Wage Act Summary

The Forgotten Wage and Hour Law

If your question isn’t answered by the articles above,please call our Wage and Hour Helpline.    Our attorneys can answer many general Wage and Hour questions.

Illinois Chamber Wage and Hour Helpline…….800.322.4722 (Hours: 8:30 – 5 CST, M-F)
Email the Wage and Hour Helpline…………
**(Non-members can call Helpline one time for no charge to check it out then join the Illinois Chamber of Commerce to have more access to this resource.)

Meet the Wage and Hour Helpline Staff
Sean F. Darke

Sean DarkeSean F. Darke focuses his practice for Wessels Sherman, by defending and advising companies in areas of both employment and labor laws.  Mr. Darke continues to successfully defend companies in state, federal and administrative courts, specifically on matters involving discrimination claims, harassment claims, wage and hour laws, ERISA claims, NLRB matters, unemployment claims, unfair labor practices, state and federal agency’s audits, and several other key areas under both state and federal laws.
Prior to joining Wessels Sherman, Mr. Darke gained courtroom experience while working for a Chicago defense firm.  Prior to his experience in the State of Illinois, Mr. Darke worked as a judicial law clerk in the State of Michigan, where he gained valuable experience in state procedural practice, as well as, experience in both jury and bench trials.


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