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Gov. Bruce Rauner on Ill. Chamber Members [1]

After his remarks at the Ill. Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting & Luncheon, Gov. Rauner was asked a series of questions, including what he’s seen from Illinois Chamber members.


TFIC News Conference on Construction Funding [2]

Illinois needs stopgap funding for road construction this summer, or we’ll lose federal transportation dollars. Transportation for Illinois Coalition members, including co-chairs Todd Maisch and Michael Kleinik. Here is the full news conference.


Memorial Day at the Illinois Capitol. [3]

Illinois Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch explains what’s going on, what’s not going on, and what the Chamber wants to see happen.


Illinois Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch summarizes his testimony on a comprehensive economic development plan [4].

He spoke May 12, 2016 to the Senate Commerce and Economic Development Committee.


Illinois Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch explains the Chamber’s opposition to the proposed graduated income tax. [5]

The Chamber is opposed to HB 689, which will set the rates for a graduated income tax. It will go into effect only if a constitutional amendment is approved moving the state from a flat tax to a graduated tax. HB 689 passed the House Executive Committee on April 19, 2016.


Illinois Chamber Infrastructure Council’s Ben Brockschmidt on HJRCA 36 and SJRCA 28, the Lockbox Amendment [6]

This is a Chamber initiative which would keep Road Fund monies from being diverted for other uses.


Illinois Chamber Energy Council’s Katie Stonewater Re-Caps 1Q Meeting [7]

The Energy Council’s meeting in Springfield brought nearly 30 energy leaders together to hear from state and federal leaders on energy issues.


Illinois Chamber’s Ben Brockschmidt on HJR 125: Managed Lanes [8]

The Chamber supports P3s that will invest in the state’s infrastructure. Improving I-55 in the Chicago area would be a worthwhile project, and using managed lanes can make that happen.


Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Turnaround Tour [9]

The Illinois Chamber hosted a meeting with Gov. Rauner for Illinois Chamber and local Chamber members. Click on the photo to go to the full one-hour video that addresses property tax reform, improving the state’s economic climate, transportation infrastructure and making government work better. The event was held Feb. 9, 2016 at the Abraham Presidential Library in Springfield.


Business View of Illinois Economy [10]

The President/CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce discusses issues critical to the business community, including the legislature’s Jobs bill, the state’s debt to the unemployment insurance system, corporate tax credits and how the state’s economic condition affects business.

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Interviewed by: H Wayne Wilson
Original Air Date(s): 12/22/2011