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Special Offer – View any 5 recorded webinars

Special offer - 5 recorded webinar package
Special offer - 5 recorded webinar package

View any 5 recorded past webinars
For a limited time, pay only $300 to view (as many times you want) any 5 of our recorded past webinars.  The webinars that are available to choose from are listed here.  Purchase the package now and choose all five right away, or choose them one at a time as you desire.

How it works
After payment is received, you will receive an email confirmation.  You will then choose the webinars you wish to view, send an email to Kelli Jessup to request them, and she will send you the link for the webinars you have chosen.  We will keep a spreadsheet of your remaining items so you don’t have to receive them all at one time – this will never expire – and you can repurchase at any time to add more.

* You receive the link for the webinar to play back on your computer as many times as you want.  Or you can request the five webinars on a dvd and we will mail it to you at no extra charge.

New webinars added weekly.  Check back often as list is continuously updated.


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