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Prevailing Wage Webinar Recordings

Certified Transcript of Payroll
This 90 minute webinar will instruct construction-related businesses throughout the U.S. on how to stay in technical compliance with reporting obligations under Illinois and federal prevailing wage laws.
Landscape Work Under Illinois Prevailing Wage Law- What has Changed?
Attend this 90 minute webinar to get vital information about recent changes to Illinois’ notorious prevailing wage law; attorneys will review the unique “feet on the ground” developments unique to the landscape industry.

CAUTION: The material and discussion will not necessarily run parallel to the information that is supplied by the Illinois Department of Labor or various labor unions. In-depth discussions will include: -A summary of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act; IDOL interpretations, practices and audit priorities revealed that are unique to landscapers; recent case law developments; audit and litigation strategies -New public bidding issues; the interplay with recent changes to Illinois’ Employment Classification Act; and critical 2015 changes to the law through statutory amendments.

Prevailing Wage Law: Properly Completing the Certified Transcript of Payroll
Any employer who performs public construction work must be familiar with the reporting requirements associated with certified transcripts of payroll.

This 90 minute webinar will educate construction related businesses throughout the US on how to stay in technical compliance with reporting obligations under Illinois and federal prevailing wage laws. The certified transcript of payroll requirements vary depending on whether the project is governed by federal or Illinois prevailing wage law. In addition, the 2014 amendments to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act have made calculating and reporting prevailing wage payments unnecessarily complex. Don’t miss this informative webinar that will provide detailed instruction about prevailing wage recordkeeping and reporting requirements. The construction season is quickly approaching, so now is the time to be sure your company has a firm grasp on the prevailing wage reporting requirements, including how to properly complete the certified transcript of payroll. We have seen first-hand the increased importance the government is placing on technical compliance with prevailing wage requirements, so this webinar is designed to help your company avoid unnecessary government scrutiny and penalties.

2016 Construction Law Update
The webinar will review the legal and statutory developments that impacted the construction industry in 2015, as well as the anticipated changes for 2016.
Illinois Prevailing Wage Compliance: What a Business Should Do when the IDOL Requests a Prevailing Wage Audit
This webinar will provide the attendees with a step-by-step process that Illinois businesses should do when the IDOL starts an audit on its prevailing wage jobs.

This webinar will discuss the business obligations under the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act and what the business should do to be in compliance. The IDOL continues to aggressively pursue businesses who are violating the Act. This webinar will provide specific solutions for businesses to be in compliance with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act. Topics include - How to properly handle the audit; Business obligations under the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act; Certified payroll records and the most common pitfalls; how to avoid being debarred; and new trends in the Illinois prevailing wage act