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Energy Council

The Energy Council encourages the development and availability of all kinds of energy and conservation measures in an environmentally responsible and cost effective way. Not only do we all use energy to live, work and play – but the energy industry is a cornerstone of Illinois’ economy. Our state needs policies that promote the continued expansion of energy production in Illinois, allow for development of energy resources and infrastructure to meet the state’s and nation’s increasing energy demands. These policies will also help keep energy costs competitive and attract business to Illinois.

The Energy Council is made up of companies that generate, transmit or transport energy, or supply energy companies. These members are in every kind of energy field – from nuclear to wind, from coal to solar and from natural gas, biofuels and efficiency to crude oil and waste to energy. Together, we educate our leaders on the energy choices that lie ahead and advocate for solutions that will help Illinois’ energy industry grow and prosper.


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Council Staff

Katie Stonewater
kstonewater@ilchamber.org [2]