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Council Memberships

The Chamber prides itself on the involvement of members in all aspects of our mission. The Chamber created policy councils to provide members with peer forums to discuss issues and concerns, critique and create and propose new business policies, develop high level networking opportunities, and provide a forum to bring in policymakers to hear the ideas and concerns of our members. The Illinois Chamber’s policy and advocacy councils are:

•    Employment Law Council
•    Energy Council
•    Healthcare Council
•    Infrastructure Council
•    International Business Council
•    Tax Institute

Policy Councils have additional membership dues to help underwrite the cost of the council staff and resources. Council memberships are recommended for businesses interested in participating directly in evaluating and formulating state-level business policies that impact their industry or company.

Chairman’s Council
Your investment as a Chairman’s Council member allows the Illinois Chamber to increase its influence among legislators, regulators and other decision makers. Your backing is a vote of confidence in the important work we do and helps the Chamber lead the way toward a more prosperous Illinois.

Why Invest in the Chairman’s Council
Chairman’s Council members play an important and visible role in the development of Illinois’ future. It is truly a partnership between Illinois’ most outstanding and forward-thinking business advocates and Illinois’ most outstanding and successful companies. Illinois employers are eligible to participate with a minimum annual investment of $25,000.

For more information about becoming a Council Member, contact:

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