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H-Squared Leadership Institute Inspirational Keynotes and Custom Trainings Available Through Illinois Chamber of Commerce

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Inspirational Keynote
Available for a variety of events to inspire, motivate and energize the audience. Hear an uplifting, true story about how one CEO took lessons and principles derived from great adversity to win awards and increase revenue year after year. These talks focus on the good stories of our lives and moves the audience to believe in themselves and change their reality for the better.
Habeeb Habeeb, founder of H-Squared Leadership Institute and CEO of BPC, has delivered his high-energy talks to thousands of participants at corporations, non-profits, and universities. A custom talk can be an inspirational gift to your colleagues and your clients!
Custom Leadership Workshops
Take your leadership team to the next level with custom H-Squared Leadership Workshops. The H-Squared Leadership Institute will work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and growth in your organization and develop a custom training program (Typically 1 – 2 sessions.) These inspiring and interactive workshops are perfect for mentoring and training supervisors at all levels.

Personal and Professional Growth Topics include, but are not limited to:

• The Joy of Everything: Finding more joy and less stress in life, work, and family.
• The Ambassador Principle: The world is a stage and we are ambassadors for our work, family, group or our faith. Learn how to live a life that reflects the Ambassador Principle.
• In Search of Customer Loyalty: How to compete and succeed in a turbulent ever-changing business world.
• Embracing Change and Winning in Adversity: Surviving the tough times by “blooming where you are planted”.
• Supervising with Trust, Teamwork, and Encouragement: Leadership development starts with me.
• The Kindness and Goodness of America: Loving and Appreciating America; An Immigrant’s Perspective
• Other Duties As Assigned: How to use HR strategy to successfully implement a positive corporate culture and gain a competitive advantage.
• Ordinary People. Extraordinary Outcomes: People are looking for heroes, but we are surrounded by ordinary people. Learn how even ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. Be that hero for your community and humanity.
• Defining Success: True success is not gauged by titles or wealth. True success is a meaningful life and making a difference while excelling at work. Get inspired and recharged as you learn how to find purpose and true meaning for your life, relationships, and work.

For more information on these courses, call Laurie Silvey, Associate Vice President of Business Services, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, at (217) 522-5512 ext 223 or

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