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Do you know what kind of resources organized labor, trial attorneys, environmental extremists and others have devoted to pass laws and regulation that are hurting your business? They are in Springfield and Washington D.C. every day pushing their agendas.

That’s why you need the Illinois Chamber to be your #1 ally. The Chamber fights on your business’ behalf and works to make our state more business friendly. Illinois has unmatched in-house expertise in the staff at the Illinois Chamber.  Policymakers consider the Chamber to be the go-to resource on all business issues, including:








The Chamber has stopped major tax increases. Paved the way for public-private partnerships. Forged a streamlined permitting processes. Our staff has the sophistication to not only engage in the legislative process, but also the rulemaking process. Further, we remain committed to educate policymakers about issues before decisions are made.

“Every business—large and small—should be a member of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.” – Mary Crego, State Farm

“The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is a trusted ally at the State Capitol.” – Tom Walters, Caterpillar (Illinois Chamber member)

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A membership in the state’s largest business advocacy organization is an incredible way to unify the voice of Illinois business leaders so we can have a powerful impact in moving our state in a positive direction. By joining the Chamber, you lend your support to advocacy efforts that benefit our overall economy, while staying informed on pertinent issues that can affect your bottom line.

We offer several membership levels to fit the needs and budget of any business. Joining, at any level, is easy and provides an incredible return on investment.