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Human Resources Audit Program

Craig Annunziata – Fisher & Phillips, LLP
10 South Wacker Drive, Suite 3450
Chicago, IL 60606

“I was pleased with the audit performed by Craig with Fisher and Phillips.  They caught several small changes in our Employee Handbook that needed to be updated.  He and his partner were very diligent in looking at our personnel files, interviewing process, practices at the operations level as far as breaks, changing time, and use of time clocks.  Overall I was very pleased with the audit.  I would recommend IL Chamber members to take advantage of this offering.”Rita Baumann, Prairie State Generating Company

“The audit that we received from Fisher & Phillips was extremely valuable to our business. The lawyer who assisted us was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. We sent him copies of our HR handbook and various other policies, then he met with us at our facility to discuss the documents with us. During our meeting, he offered explanations of the legal implications of language used in our HR communications, as well as his suggestions for updating our policy documents to address that language down to the most subtle, nuanced detail. Not only did he provide sample documents of policies that he recommended we implement, but he also explained the reasoning behind those suggestions in terms of legal challenges that businesses have faced. The audit is such a valuable perk that we recommend chamber membership to any business, if for no reason other than to check their HR compliance.” – Tony Comella, SCSI

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Despite unsettling economic conditions, Federal, State and Local Governments have increased enforcement efforts, putting greater pressure on Illinois businesses to comply with the tangled web of laws affecting the workplace.  For instance, the EEOC is more
active than ever, receiving and investigating the largest number of charges in its history.   Additionally, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, at the express direction of the current White House, has undertaken increased enforcement and is more frequently auditing companies with federal government contracts to ensure compliance with the federal government’s affirmative action initiatives.  Similarly, the Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are keeping an increasingly watchful eye on employers.

The Federal Government is not the only entity closely watching employers.  Enterprising plaintiff’s attorneys are following on the coattails of Government enforcement and are aggressively pursuing employment lawsuits.  Particularly, over the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in class action lawsuits filed pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The prospect of litigation is not only costly and time consuming, but also disruptive to business operations.

Preventative measures are key.  Spending a nominal amount of time and money up front ensuring that your Company has all proper policies and practices in place can prevent significant government intrusion and expenditure of an exponentially greater amount of time and money down the road.  Ensuring policies and practices are in place is paramount to prevention of employment issues.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce its partnership with Fisher & Phillips, LLP to assist Illinois companies navigate the uncertain waters of government intrusion into your business and to mitigate potential litigation risk.  Fisher & Phillips, LLP is a national management labor and employment firm, which since 1943 has protected companies against government investigation and employee litigation.  Fisher and Phillips, LLP has developed the F&P Human Resources Audit program, available exclusively to Illinois Chamber of Commerce members.   The F&P Human Resources audit allows Chamber of Commerce members to obtain counsel from one of the country’s foremost labor and employment authorities, at a low fixed cost of just $500.00.  This program provides your Company the opportunity to spend a nominal amount of money in an effort to potentially insulate your company from exponentially higher costs, should the government investigate or a lawsuit is filed.

The F&P Human Resources Audit allows access to the advise and counsel of Craig Annunziata, the managing partner of Fisher & Phillips’ Chicago office and one of the foremost authorities on Labor and Employment Law in the State of Illinois.  For 20 years, Mr. Annunziata has successfully advised Companies and their management on litigation avoidance and government investigations.

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