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Hiring and Firing Recorded webinars

Pre-employment Best Practices – A Legal Update
Ban-the-Box, discriminatory interview questions, discriminatory hiring, credit and background checks, and pre-employment drug tests are a few issues that cause you headaches when screening applicants and hiring new employees.

What are your obligations under the current laws and more importantly what are the courts saying when faced with claims? The Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s pre-employment Best Practices – A Legal Update webinar presented by Michael D. Wong, a partner with the law firm SmithAmundsen, LLC., will provide employers a legal update on recent case law, statutes and regulations that impact their hiring processes and considerations.

Discrimination 101
Most employers are familiar with employment discrimination to some degree.

They know that there are laws prohibiting discrimination against employees for various reasons. Yet, employees continue to file discrimination charges by the tens of thousands. Last year, the EEOC received 89,385 charges of workplace discrimination. While there is no guaranteed method to prevent an employee from filing an employment discrimination charge, employers can greatly reduce their risk and be in the best possible position to defend against potential charges by understanding the basic components of employment discrimination addressed in this webinar. Webinar Topics to be Discussed: • Overview of the laws that prohibit employment discrimination. • The theories/claims of employment discrimination. • Employment actions that lead to employment discrimination charges. • The administrative process that handles employment discrimination charges. • Consequences of liability for employment discrimination. • Employer tips for preventing/defending against employment discrimination

Drug Testing Do's and Don'ts
How do you drug test these days?

What are the pitfalls to be avoided and steps that need to be taken when establishing a drug testing program and drug testing? And what do you need to know about Medical Marijuana and the decriminalization of marijuana with regard to your drug testing program? Michael Wong, an attorney with SmithAmundsen LLC, will answer these questions and explain the basics of drug testing, the importance of having a comprehensive policy, the legal impacts of the ADA, FMLA, HIPAA and Illinois laws on drug testing policies, and the importance of training supervisors. Participants will learn how to identify weaknesses in their own drug testing policy and how to work to strengthen drug testing programs to create safer workplaces.

Employer's Obligations to Translate
Employing non-English speaking workers is now commonplace.

The language barriers can create difficulties with day-to-day operations and also create unique legal risk. Numerous employment laws include obligations for employers to provide sufficient notice (often written notice) to employees. Many of these laws have incorporated specific requirements for employers to translate such notices into the employee’s native language. Even when the law does not have an express requirement to provide a translation, the employer might find itself on the losing end of legal action if unable to prove it provided the requisite notice in a language the employee could understand. This webinar is intended to identify the legal requirements associated with translating employment documents for non-English speaking employees. In addition, this webinar will cover the practical steps and options involved in obtaining professional translation services.

Winning your Unemployment Hearing
Winning an unemployment hearing involves understanding misconduct, making a good termination, understanding voluntary leave issues and protesting a claim properly.

This timely webinar will discuss what is and isn’t misconduct so participants can understand the standard they are faced with. Participants will also learn the four rules that will help make defensible, winning terminations that will hold up at unemployment hearings. Finally, the webinar will discuss unemployment hearings from start to finish so participants can properly protest an unwarranted claim. Taught by David Prosnitz of Personal Planners.

Employment Green Card Process
There are many ways a green card can be obtained through employment at a U.S. business, but the process is long and often confusing for employers and employees alike.

This webinar will demystify the green card process by breaking down the employer’s role at each step, from the initial interview to the acquisition of citizenship by the employee. Employers will also learn which of the five employment-based preference categories will be appropriate in individual scenarios and how to navigate the Labor Certification recruitment procedures. Finally, this webinar will provide employer’s the insight they need to make sound, long-term talent acquisition and retention decisions. Webinar Topics to be Discussed: -The employment path to citizenship -The employer’s role in sponsoring an employee for their green card -The five preference categories and how they can be used by employers -Tips for navigating the PERM Labor Certification process -The interplay between the employee’s country of citizenship and the preference categories -Understanding the Department of State Visa Bulletin

Enduring A Compliant I-9 Program
With the Department of Homeland Security’s continuing focus on I-9 compliance and the potential for substantial penalties for non-compliance, employers have a critical need to understand the ins and outs of the process of verifying employment authorization of new hires.

This webinar will help you navigate the maze of complex rules relating to I-9s, E-Verify, and employer sanctions and will provide valuable strategies for ensuring compliance with the immigration law’s employment verification system. Key topics to be addressed include: • Essential I-9 rules, including proper completion and retention of Form I-9s; • Determining who needs work authorization reverification and when; • Self-audits and correcting deficient I-9s; • E-Verify rules and procedures; • Practical Do’s and Don’ts for complying with I-9 and E-Verify procedures without risking a charge of immigration-related discrimination; • Electronic I-9 software and potential pitfalls Taught by attorneys Cindy Shearn & Kevin Aiston of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy.

Conducting Proper Employment Investigations
This one-and-a-half hour presentation will be focused on how to conduct internal employee investigations.

Katherine Mendez of Seyfarth Shaw will identify and highlight the do’s and don’ts of internal investigations including understanding the need to conduct investigations, preparing for the investigation, conducting employee interviews, and closing out investigations. She will also discuss how to spot issues and what to do if you see them. Taught by attorney Katherine Mendez of Seyfarth Shaw

What IL Employers Need to Know About Background Checks and Ban-the-Box Law
One of the most important tools that an employer has in screening and hiring quality employees is the application and hiring process.

Illinois has followed other states in enacting the Ban the Box law. The law limits what information that an employer can request on an application, as well as when conducting background checks. As such, it’s even more important to make sure that you are complying with both federal and state law in how you screen and hire employees. Michael D. Wong of SmithAmundsen LLC will present this important webinar. The presentation will include important information and strategies for structuring an application and hiring processes to minimize potential legal liability and risks. Topics will include: • Illinois’ Ban the Box law and other recent developments in state and federal law that employers should be aware of; • Recent developments in employer liability for job applicant background and screening check; • Using criminal history in employment decisions; • Types of information that employers are forbidden from using; and • Should you use the internet and social media when hiring.

Understanding Title VII and the Myriad of Employment Laws
This one-and-a-half hour presentation will be focused on Title VII basics and will also identify and highlight the myriad of employment laws facing Illinois employers (federal, state, county, and municipal).

We will also discuss how to spot issues and what to do if you see them, we will address the importance of documenting performance management and discipline issues and highlight some of the trends that employment lawyers will be watching this year.

New Wave of Litigation: How Employers Need to Protect Themselves from Retaliation
This webinar will analyze the increase in retaliation claims throughout the State of Illinois and how businesses can start to protect themselves against these retaliation claims.

This webinar provides an analysis of the recent retaliation claims and why the risk of litigation is so high. Participants will also be provided with essential steps to protect the business from retaliation claims, but also how a business can continue to operate without fear that it's retaliating against a disgruntled employee. Topics include: - Analysis of the numerous federal and state of Illinois retaliation laws and the best defenses; how to implement new policies, in order to avoid the risks associated with retaliation claims; what the company's supervisors should be focusing on when dealing with a disgruntled employee to avoid retaliation claims; how to decrease the company's risks when disciplining and terminating employees.

Hiring 101: Hire the Right Person the First Time and NOT get Sued
Finding the perfect fit is important.

Each time an employer hires an individual, there is a cost, in time and money, to train and retrain. Having to do so multiple times needlessly strains already fragile manpower and budgets. This webinar helps employers get it right the first time by teaching companies how to effectively hire the right person and minimize the threat of litigation. The following areas are discussed: The Pre-Interview: Preparation is the key; The Advertisement - Set Expectations; The Interview: Consistency; and The Offer: Prestart. The 90 minute webinar gives HR professionals, managers, and business owners the tools to decrease turnover and obtain a qualified candidate without opening the company to added exposure. If you want to decrease the cost of the hire and onboarding related litigation, this is the webinar for you!

Thinking outside the Box . . . What Illinois Employers Need to Know About Background Checks and Illinois' new Ban the Box Law
The application and hiring process is one of the most important tools that employers have in screening and hiring quality employees.

Illinois' new Ban the Box law limits what information employers can request on their applications, as well as when conducting background checks. As such, it's even more important to make sure that you are complying with federal state law in how you screen and hire employees.