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Bill: HB 523
Sponsor: Rep. Turner
Status: House 3rd Reading
Position: Oppose
Description: The General Assembly passed agreed legislation in 2013 that authorized the temporary collected of “graduated” foreclosure filing fees until January 1, 2018.  The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) grants portions of these temporary filing fees to housing counseling agencies and to local governments for abandoned property costs.  House Bill 523 seeks to extend the sunset date for collecting the temporary filing fees.  The bill also seeks to extend the collection of a judicial sale fee payable by third-party purchasers of foreclosed residential properties.

Bill: HB 2458 
Sponsor: Rep. Flowers
Status: House Revenue
Position: Oppose
Description: Allows the City of Chicago to enact, by ordinance, to levy a tax on stocks, commodities, or options transactions.


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