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Government Affairs Reports


October 10, 2014


Illinois Chamber Summit on Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

The Illinois Chamber’s International Business Council will be holding a summit with the British Consulate on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership. Keynote speakers and special guests will include Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam, Damien Levie who is Head of the Trade & Agriculture Section for the European Union based in Washington, DC, Marjorie Chorlins, Vice President for European Affairs with the U.S. Chamber, and Illinois State Representative Andre Thapedi, Chairman of the House International & Trade Commerce Committee. For a complete agenda, click HERE.

The summit will include a general overview of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership Agreement and an update on the current state of the negotiations. Congressman Roskam will discuss the opportunities for Illinois and the Midwest as a result of the agreement and there will be an industry specific panel discussions focused on the opportunities for the agriculture, manufacturing, and professional services industries.

The program will also include perspectives from industry professionals, trade experts and stakeholders on Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its economic and political significance on a global scale.

Illinois is a major trading partner with the European Union (EU) having exported $11 billion in goods and $8.6 billion in services to the EU. Since 2006, Illinois’ agriculture and construction machinery exports to the EU have increased by 56%. By reducing barriers to trade and investment, TTIP would facilitate future growth, increasing anticipated US machinery exports by a further 16.7%.

Sponsorships with the ability to participate in the panel discussions, in addition to event recognition, are still open. Click HERE for a sponsorship packet. Also, space is still available to attend the summit. Please register with Brigid Kathleen at


Illinois Chamber Embraces Online Ads as the New Political Media

The last two election cycles have shown that voters are getting more of their information on political candidates from online sources, online ads, blogs, online news websites, and social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube then they are from the traditional sources of television and radio. It is projected that this year candidates will spend more money on online resources to reach voters then they will on television and radio advertising.

The Illinois Chamber was one of the first organizations in Illinois to truly embrace this shift in political media spending conducting online ads for independent expenditure campaigns on behalf of Illinois congressional and senate candidates since 2010. In the past we have conducted online ads for the successful campaigns of Mark Kirk, Bobby Schilling, Bob Dold, and Rodney Davis and this year is no different.

We have been conducting a significant online ad campaign the past month and a half for Congressman Rodney Davis in the 13th district supporting his re-election against challenger Judge Ann Callis. Our efforts appear to be paying off as recent polling shows the race breaking for Congressman Davis and earlier this week the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has pulled out of the race cancelling a significant television ad buy for Callis supporting the likelihood of a victory for Congressman Davis on November 4.

We have also started an online ad campaign supporting State Representative Mike Bost in his campaign to unseat incumbent Congressman Bill Enyart in the 12th Congressional district. The Illinois Chamber took the lead among the business community by endorsing Bost early in the race which was later followed up by the endorsement of the US Chamber. The race has tighten significantly with some polls showing Bost up by five points. We anticipate this race will be one of the closest in the state on election night.

Both online ad campaigns in the 12th and 13th will continue all the way to election day on November 4th to ensure victory for both of the pro-business candidates.



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