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Government Affairs Reports


September 4, 2015


Union Bill Dashed

Only the House was in session this week, meeting on Wednesday.


Collective Bargaining

SB 1229 was up for an override vote in the House, but failed by a 68-34-9 vote that was three short of passage. The measure, proposed by Democrats and unions, called for an independent arbitrator to handle collective bargaining impasses. Republicans, including Gov. Bruce Rauner, who vetoed the bill, didn’t want someone outside of state government to make the decisions because an arbitrator isn’t accountable to taxpayers who pay for labor costs.



The House overrode the governor’s amendatory veto of HB 1, which is an opioid/heroin treatment bill, with a vote of 105-5. The Chamber supported the bill as passed. It will need to be over-ridden in the Senate to become law.


Next Week

The House returns Thurs., Sept. 24 and the Senate will return Wed., Sept. 9.

The Senate Revenue Committee has scheduled a subject matter hearing for Sept. 9 on the False Claims Act. The Chamber will provide testimony in favor of clean-up bill language offered by the Chamber. That bill is SB 1828 by Sen. Pamela Althoff.


Chamber Golf Outing Sept. 9

There’s still time to sign up. But just barely. The outing is Wed., Sept. 9 at The Rail Golf Course in Springfield. For more information, go to the registration page.


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