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Government Affairs Reports


November 4, 2016

This Week in Illinois

Safe Roads Amendment: Final Stretch

For too long legislators have used revenue they promised to use on transportation on non-transportation expenditures to the tune of $6.8 billion. Before voting for President of the United States, we can change this by voting “yes” for the Safe Roads Amendment.

Over the last several months, many of you have shared information on the Safe Roads Amendment, wrote letters to the editor, and shared our legislative scorecard with your colleagues. On Tuesday, our hard work comes to a close.

If this doesn’t pass, our central location as the center of the North American transportation network is at risk and more funds will be swept. The result of additional sweeps would result in safety concerns and a continued lack of government accountability.

Help prevent this by voting Yes on the Safe Roads Amendment this November. More information can be found at

Down Ballot Voting: Lets Get Local

Each General Election we go to the polls and have a decision to make. Whether it’s a Presidential race or local election for judge, we are free to select whomever we want from whichever party we choose. We’re allowed to vote for Democrats, Republicans, third party candidates or a combination of the three. Different from many state closed primary systems, the General Election gives each of us an opportunity to vote for someone who has a different party affiliation than our own. And this gives us, as voters, quite a bit of power.

With the Presidential race heating up as we continue to head towards November, some are concerned about the effect that it will have on other races further down the ballot. There is a misconception among some that they have to vote their party affiliation or that they have to vote for everything on the ballot. These notions are simply not true. You can vote for one race or vote for all. Your ballot is valid just the same. And the same goes for who you vote for – you can vote for anyone in any party you choose. The key is that you vote.

Did you know that since 2014, more than 10,000 bills were introduced in the Illinois General Assembly? And that city councils and county boards vote and approve roughly 15-20 ordinances and rules each month? That’s a lot of legislation that has an impact on your job and daily life.

We can’t forget about the impact that our state and local governments have. Sales taxes, property taxes and much more are determined at these levels of government.

Not only do these local and state elected officials impact you, but you can greatly impact the outcome of their elections.

  • In 2015, Mississippi’s 79th District State House race
    resulted in a tie which was broken by drawing straws
    ending with the incumbent keeping his seat.

Think about it. If just a few more people had voted in either of these races, the outcome could have been significantly different.

So, if you’re thinking of staying home this year, don’t. You don’t have to vote for everything on the ballot, but be sure to vote for something.

2016 Brazil Trade & Investment Forum

The Illinois Chamber’s International Business Council in collaboration with the Consulate General of Brazil in Chicago is proud to present the 2016 Brazil Trade and Investment Forum on Wednesday, November 9th from 4:00 – 7:00. For more information about this program please contact Laura Ortega.

Champions of Free Enterprise

This week the Illinois Chamber recognized this year’s Outstanding Freshman Legislator in the Illinois Senate, Sen. Dan McConchie. Sen. McConchie scored a 100% with the
Illinois Chamber in his first year in the General Assembly. The Chamber also awarded the Champion of Free Enterprise Awards to state Representative David McSweeney and retiring state Representative Ed Sullivan.

Legislators with Illinois Chamber ratings averaging 85% or better over the previous two General Assemblies have demonstrated their commitment to legislation that frees the
entrepreneurial spirit and qualify for the award. To view the ratings in full, click here.

Archive of Government Affairs Reports

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