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Government Affairs Reports


September 16, 2016

This Week In Illinois


Are you ready to become part of the foundation of the Businesses for Safe Roads Amendment? If so, we need all the help we can to build our coalition of businesses to pass the Safe Roads Amendment. Illinoisans pay motor fuel taxes, fees for vehicle registrations and license plates, and other transportation related taxes and fees with the expectation that these monies will be spent to maintain, repair, and build roads, highways, mass transit, and other transportation systems in their communities. Historically, the State and units of local government have diverted portions of monies raised from these revenue sources for other non-transportation purposes. Approval of this amendment will ensure that transportation funds are used only for transportation purposes. It will also ensure there is a dedicated funding source for projects that will increase the quality of Illinois’ transportation infrastructure. Improving the quality of our State’s transportation infrastructure will reduce accidents and damage to vehicles caused by road conditions or hazards. However, we cannot do this alone. The next 52 days are going to go by fast, and we need every bit of help we can get so we can cross the finish line victorious.

Here are some of the ways you and your organization can help
us win in November:
-Register to Vote: Take advantage of Employee
Voter Registration Week (EVRW) from Sept. 26-30.
-Pledge your Support or Send a Letter to the Editor: Don’t
worry, we’ll help you with the letter.
-Request a Speaker: We’ll come to you or schedule a webinar.
-Tell your Friends and Family to VOTE YES!
This is our shot to put more money in our state’s ailing
infrastructure. Thanks for standing with us.


September 26-30th is Employee Voter Registration Week
(EVRW) and the Illinois Chamber of Commerce is participating
in the Employees Vote campaign to ensure you have easy
access to the information you need to be prepared to vote in
the 2016 General Election. The elections this year have proven to be unpredictable. But your vote does count, it does make a difference, and there are many important races on the ballot from the top to the bottom.
Don’t let “not being registered” be the reason you don’t vote. We’ve made registering to vote easy for you. During EVRW 2016, take time to visit Once you’re on the site, you’ll be able to enter your zip code, and learn more about your state’s voter registration process. Also, if you’ve recently moved or changed addresses, use the Illinois
Prosperity site to find out how to update your voter registration
Registering to vote is the first step towards making your voice
heard. We won’t tell you who to vote for; we just want you to

For more information or if you’re interested in sample
messaging, please contact Tyler Diers.


Rolling Meadows Mayor Tom Rooney is set to replace retiring
state Sen. Matt Murphy (R- Palatine). Rooney is set to step
down from his spot as mayor and represent the 27th Senate
District which encompasses parts of Palatine, Arlington
Heights, Mount Prospect, and Rolling Meadows.
The selection comes as state representatives’ David Harris and
Tom Morrison and Palatine Township Republican
Committeeman Aaron Del Mar dropped their bid for the open


Thursday afternoon with Sen. Matt Murphy’s resignation
official, Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno made Sen.
Dave Luechtefeld of Okawville the new Deputy GOP Leader.
In addition, Radogno also announced that Sen. Chapin Rose
(R – Mahomet) would be the new Assistant Senate GOP Leader
and Sen. Jason Barickman (R- Bloomington) as the new
Senate GOP Whip.


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