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Government Affairs Reports


September 30, 2016

This Week in Illinois


This election, voters in Illinois will have the opportunity to Vote YES on an amendment to the Illinois Constitution that would protect our state’s vital transportation money in a lock box. The Safe Roads Amendment will be the first question on the ballot and has broad support from the business community, organized labor and the trucking industry.

Transportation infrastructure is so important to the overall well being of our state’s economy, yet Illinois’ politicians are using the state’s Road Fund as a piggy bank. Thirty other states have a constitutional guarantee that once transportation dollars are put into the infrastructure funds, that those dollars will actually be spent on infrastructure. Illinois should be no different.

Voters are sick and tired of hearing government promising that user fees at the pump and at vehicle registration will pay for roads and bridges when in fact it is being used for other pet projects throughout state government.

A strong infrastructure contributes to the overall well being of our state’s economy. It’s time we protect these vital resources and VOTE YES to keep our roads and bridges safe. Visit Businesses for Safe Roads today and pledge your support!


The Illinois Chamber joined nearly 150 business organizations from across the country in signing a letter sent to all members of Congress calling for the legislative branch to urgently reduce the regulatory burden on small, medium and regional banks.

“We have joined in this call to Congress because we see firsthand how the financial regulations imposed on our community banks have resulted in depleted capital and higher costs for Main Street businesses, cutting them off from the products and service they need to grow,” said Benjamin Brockschmidt. “Our entrepreneurs and local business owners provide the foundation for our community’s economy and are essential to its future. However, they can’t succeed without the support of our banks.”

The letter, led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and signed
by business organization is nearly all 50 states, shows the
widespread impact the regulatory regime imposed on banks if
having on Main Street economic growth. The letter calls on
Congress to address these concerns by fixing the rigid “one
size fits all system” that harms small, medium, and regional
banks, and their customers.

“Lawmakers have failed to provide community banks with the
relief they need in order to support Main Street businesses and
best serve consumers,” said Tom Quaadman, executive vice
president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Center for
Capital Markets Competitiveness. “In order to break the cycle
of anemic growth, low productivity, and lack of labor
participation, Congress must make it a priority to ensure these
institutions have access to the capital and tools they need to
support local businesses.”

You can read a full copy of the letter here, and learn more
about the U.S. Chamber’s Center for Capital Markets
Competitiveness’ Financing America’s Economic Growth
Campaign to address the financial regulatory burden here.


Thank you for making Employee Voter Registration Week 2016
a success! Because of those participating, our state will be well
positioned to make its collective voice heard in November. If
you didn’t have an opportunity to participate in Employee Voter
Registration Week this week, you still have time to make sure
you’re registered. In Illinois, regular registration is open year
round except during the 27-day period before the
election. The registration deadline is October 11 online or by
mail. Grace period registration is available beginning October
12 and ending on Election Day, November 8.

Grace period registration is only available in-person at sites
authorized by each election authority. The Illinois Chamber
encourages you to register to vote before the October 11
deadline to save yourself time and to prepare to cast you ballot
this November. Take time today to visit
to enter your zip code and learn about Illinois’s voter
registration process. If you’ve already registered, now is the
time to start researching to learn more about the upcoming
elections. Also, don’t forget to make your Election Day plan. If
you can’t make it to the polls on Election Day, complete your
state’s process for voting early in-person or by absentee ballot. provides you with all of the information
you need to vote on or before Election Day.


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