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Chamber PAC

Created in 1975, Chamber PAC is one of the oldest business political action committees in Illinois. Our mission is to promote and strive for improvement of Illinois Government; encourage individuals to know their government; and assist individuals in organizing themselves for more effective political action. Chamber PAC does not contribute to federal campaigns.

Chamber PAC is funded through donations by Illinois Chamber of Commerce members and private citizens. In addition to bringing significant financial resources to bear in key races, the Chamber PAC mobilizes the business community to action in other ways, including get-out-the-vote, grassroots and earned media activities.

Who We Are
Chamber PAC members are a diverse group of Illinois’ business community. They believe in the need for active participation in the political process to assure that the voice of Illinois’ employers is heard at the ballot box.

Any individual or business concerned about promoting a positive pro-business economic environment in Illinois may contribute to Chamber PAC. Chamber membership is not a prerequisite for PAC contributions.

Improving Illinois Government
The stakes are too high for the business community to take a passive role in campaigns and elections. Job providers cannot afford to let the labor unions and trial lawyers elect anti-business candidates to office. Elections in Illinois are an expensive business. Pro-business candidates need an ally to defend themselves against attacks by groups whose policies run counter to a healthy pro-growth economy. Chamber PAC is committed to improving Illinois government by electing leaders to the Governor’s mansion and General Assembly that understand the need to improve our economy and free the entrepreneurial spirit.

Political Education
In addition to campaign funds, Chamber PAC provides pro-business candidates with grassroots support for their election efforts. Working with local chambers of commerce, Illinois Chamber members, and businesses across Illinois, Chamber PAC helps educate voters about the positions that statewide candidates take on issues affecting our economy. Chamber members are kept up to date on the opportunities to support pro-business candidates in their area. Chamber members are provided with voting records, candidate questionnaire’s, and other information to help them and their employees cast educated votes in elections.

Campaign Assistance
After identifying those districts that play a special role in an election cycle, the Chamber provides technical assistance to those campaigns. The Chamber staff has years of combined experience in running Illinois political campaigns and developing successful campaign organizations. By involving Chamber members and businesses in the political process, we help pro-business candidates reach the voters they need to be successful on Election Day.

Contribute to Chamber PAC
Your generous contribution will go a long way toward helping Chamber PAC elect pro-business candidates in the Land of Lincoln. A copy of our report is or will be available for purchase from the State Board of Elections. Contributions are not tax deductible.

To contribute to the Chamber PAC please use the form above or contact Todd Maisch at 217-522-5512 or at