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Business and HR Webinar Series



“Our HR Department has been very impressed with your webinars. They are very informative of the latest changes taking place in Illinois; with that, many of the changes in our HR management operating system have been a result of the education you’re providing. It also helps that your presenters are energetic and knowledgeable. Today’s post-exam webinar (8/21/13 – Post-Employment Offer Exams – Reduce Workers’ Comp Risks) was very informative and Eugene (Keefe, Campbell, Biery & Associates) was an awesome presenter.” Joe Wickenhauser, Olin Brass Mill Products Safety Coordinator

“Congratulations on the best webinar (5/30/12 – General Healthcare Do’s That Won’t Change Regardless of the Supreme Court) I have participated in. The presenters (Rebecca Dobbs, SmithAmundsen, and Noreen Blair, Wine Sergi) were excellent and engaging.” Tom Atkins, Illinois Road Contractors, Inc.

“Thank you for giving your time in service and support of our Chamber! You bring a lot of value to the Chamber and our membership. I appreciate your advice and as always, your webinar yesterday (8/2/12 – Top 10 Employee Handbook Mistakes) was very informative! I have attended several Illinois Chamber seminars and webinars and I must say, your presentations and content are always the best and you have the unique ability to keep it interesting.” Tanett Thomason, Brennan Equipment & Mfg., Inc.

“Thank you! The webinar (8/7/12 – HSAs, HRAs, FSAs: What Employers Need to Know) was extremely informative (I wish I could listen to it again, there was that much information provided!)” Wendy Tarmon, Midwest Technical Inspections, Inc.

Consider the following:

• Do your employees understand the law and your company policies? Communicate “what not to do” before there is a problem.

• Do you have Illinois-compliant HR policies? Don’t wait for the boss to ask – get your answers now.

• Want to stay in compliance, reduce risk, and save money? Educate yourself and your managers.

• Are you doing everything you can to protect your company from an employment claim? Get the information you need now to make legally sound decisions.

It may not be easy to promote a safe work environment, comply with laws governing paid and unpaid leaves of absence, identify, investigate, and resolve harassment behavior and complaints, but IT IS THE LAW! We can help you stay in compliance and hopefully avoid lawsuits, fines and much more.

The Business Webinar Series are proven, affordable, convenient, Illinois-focused educational opportunities developed specifically for Illinois business owners, HR professionals, supervisors and managers. Hear it from our experts – at your desk. Learn HR fundamentals with these convenient web seminars. Enhance your HR skills conveniently and sharpen your knowledge about complex regulations right from your desktop – with these informative webinars taught every week by experienced attorneys from some of Illinois most prestigious law firms.

An added bonus, our HR webinars are approved for credit hours toward PHR and SPHR re-certification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). We are also offering CLEs for many of our webinars and seminars. We recently also became an Approved Provider for the American Payroll Association. Many of our wage and hour and payroll events offer RCH hours.

If you don’t see a desired topic, please email your suggestions to or call 217-522-5512 ext 223. We are always looking for pertinent topics.

Recorded Webinars

Did you miss one of our many educational webinars? Want to view it later rather than during the live presentation? Many of our webinars are recorded and can be purchased for later playback. These webinars are available for only 3 months after the event, so don’t wait. Click on the webinar you want to purchase. After payment, a link will be emailed to you to view the webinar as many times as you desire for three months.

If you’d like a recording of a webinar not listed here – please call Kelli Jessup at (217) 522-5512 ext 227 or

Illinois Prevailing Wage Law – Properly Completing the Certified Transcript of Payroll – Original Airing Date 4/15/14

Update on the Illinois Concealed Carry Law – Original Air Date 3/10/14


President Obama Orders DOL to Revise White Collar Exemptions – Original Airing Date 3/24/14

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