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Webinar: Introduction to Withdrawal Liability

April 26, 2016 1:30 pm
April 26, 2016 3:00 pm
Laurie Silvey

Taught by attorneys Sean Darke & Ryan Young Register
| Wessels Sherman

It’s all over the news: multi-employer pension funds that are underfunded by the billions. We know what that type of underfunding can mean for the employees whose pensions are tied up in these funds. But there are also serious consequences for the employers that pay contributions into such funds. How would employers react if they found out that multi-employer pension funds could assess liability against them in certain situations and that such liability is solely based on the employers’ participation in an underfunded, multi-employer pension fund? Shock? Anger? Disbelief? Let us introduce you to the sucker punch known as withdrawal liability.

Employers that participate in multi-employer pension’s funds need to understand what withdrawal liability is, when a pension fund can assess it, and how it’s collected. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the withdrawal liability concept, specifically explaining the two different types of withdrawal liability, how a company triggers withdrawal liability, how a fund calculates withdrawal liability, the narrow withdrawal liability exceptions, and the various methods pension funds can use to collect withdrawal liability. If your company participates in a multi-employer pension fund, you need to attend this webinar!
Topics include:
• The hidden liability lurking in your Collective Bargaining Agreement;
• An overview of withdrawal liability and its devastating affect on businesses;
• The triggering events that lead to withdrawal liability;
• An explanation of the narrow exemptions to withdrawal liability;
• Employers’ limited withdrawal liability rights; and
• Collection methods the pension funds use to ensure withdrawal liability collection.


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