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Webinar: Business Ethics

June 11, 2015 1:30 pm
June 11, 2015 2:30 pm
Laurie Silvey

Taught by attorneys David Nani & Michael McGowanRegister
| SmithAmundsen LLC

In the workplace, there are decisions made every day that can further your company, bring
together your employees, and create a positive environment for success and progress. In order to achieve these goals as well as the many other daily and yearly objectives of any company, the leaders must understand the importance of making ethical decisions and creating an environment that is, not only positive but also, strongly motivated by doing things the “right way.” This allows for employees in your workplace to follow the example of their superiors and develop a team that is poised for success.

This presentation will focus on ethical dilemmas that will come up throughout everyone’s
professional experiences. By using hypotheticals in order to generalize ethical dilemmas, the objective will be for everyone to:
-Understand the value of following ethical guidelines;
-Exercise individual judgment and reasoning in addressing ethical dilemmas, relying upon
accepted ethical approaches and ethical judgments; and
-Recognize and understand how ethics dictate the handling of numerous types of workplace scenarios.

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