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Webinar: The Different and Legal Pay Methods Employers Can Use

October 14, 2015 10:30 am
October 14, 2015 12:00 pm
Laurie Silvey

Taught by attorney Sean Darke Register
| Wessels Sherman

This webinar will tackle the many different payroll methods allowed under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Illinois Wage And Hour Laws, for businesses whose employees who will no longer fall under the overtime exemption. With the recent Department of Labor’s proposed rule changes, businesses are attempting to figure how it will pay its employees, while at the same time maintaining its operations and profitability. This webinar is going to explore the many different pay methods allowed and provide helpful tips on how businesses can pay its employees without the disrupting its operations. In addition, this webinar will discuss the other potential minimum wage and overtime exemptions that your employee may fall under. Attendees of this Webinar will walk away with numerous options on how it can properly pay its employees, who are no longer exempt under the “white collar” exemptions. Topics to be Discussed:
-The Many Different Payroll Methods Allowed Under Wage and Hour Law
-The Numerous Other Minimum Wage and Overtime Exemptions Under Wage and Hour Law.
-Is The Employee Entitled To Pay or Is The Time Non-Compensable?
-The Do’s and Don’ts of Paying Your Employees


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