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Energy Council News

August Edition 2012

This Month’s Giggle 



Herman Cain’s Energy Policy…a spoof by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 

Remember Herman Cain?  At one point he led the polls before the GOP presidential primaries.  The Daily Show somehow convinced Mr. Cain (a.k.a the Hermanator”) to participate in a self-parody of what a Cain Administration would have been like.  This past week they talked about energy policy.  No matter what you think of this nation’s energy policy (or lack thereof), I think this will make you laugh. Here is the link [1] to Cain’s energy policy parody.

Illinois gets an “A” in retail electricity report card!





The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) came out with its annual report [2] on the state of the retail electricity marketplace.  Here are some highlights:


The bottom line?  The benefits of the Legislature’s move to make the electricity market competitive keep growing and growing!

LaSalle County showcases four energies within a stone’s throw of one another

Wind turbines tower over solar panels in
LaSalle County. Exelon’s nuclear plant and Enbridge’s underground pipelines are just a few miles away.


On July 12th, energy business representatives, elected officials and members of the executive branch came together to get up close and personal with four types of energy in LaSalle County.  Perhaps the only place in the U.S. where utility scale wind, solar and nuclear energy exist within a few miles of each other — and as a bonus also hosts two underground petroleum pipelines that bring oil from Canada to Midwest refineries.

To see a bit more about this nexus of energy, feel free to visit this quick review [3] of the event.  This tour was co-hosted by our friends at the Illinois Wind Energy Coalition, Invenergy, Exelon and Enbridge.

Here is a link [4] to the Illinois Channel report of the alternative energy parts of the tour. I want to thank Terry Martin at the Illinois Channel for filming the tour so more people can learn about Illinois’ energy generation. 

A chance to see energy issues in Israel and the West Bank




Thanks to Project Interchange and the American Jewish Committee, I was offered the opportunity to join seven other American energy experts for a week of meetings and tours to learn how energy works in Israel and the West Bank. We did learn many things about life, culture and energy in the area…it revolves around the phrase “it’s complicated.”  Feel free to link to the first [5] or second [6] blog post on the trip and see how things are different (and the same) when it comes to the world of meeting the energy needs of consumers.