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Our energy portfolio should look like a Benelton ad — lots of diversity


Diversity.  Such a PC word.  Even in the world of energy nothing gets an exasperated eye roll faster than someone stating they support an “all of the above” energy strategy.  But just because somethings’s become cliche doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

The head of the International Energy Administration, Maria van der Hoeven, was in DC yesterday talking about the enviable position America has with its new found shale oil and shale gas.  However, she also provide a bit of caution:

“You must be careful about the degree to which you rely on gas, because energy security really requires diversity,” van der Hoeven said. “You do not want too many of your eggs in the same basket.”

Here is the article from “The Hill.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Energy policy is not easy.  Far from it.  And I appreciate the advocates of all the individual energy sources and we need them to be cheerleaders.  But no one energy is going to get us to a place of energy security.  At least not for some time.  So let’s stay away from the hyperbole of any one energy source and try to make them all better — and by better I mean more efficient, more reliable, less environmental footprint, more cost effective, etc.

Let’s focus on doing things better instead of doing fewer things.  Our economy is reliant on a cost-competitive, diverse and reliable supply of energy.  Let’s not downplay the value of new natural gas and oil finds, but let’s also not forget that we’ll need a bit of everything moving forward.

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