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The energy elephant in the room

pink elephantReaders of my blog know how the energy portfolio is diverse, complicated, maddening and incredibly proficient in delivering cost-competitive energy to people across the state.

There are always things to keep an eye on but the “elephant in the room” is Exelon’s continued information campaign on the economic realities of its nuclear fleet.  I don’t think they know what’s going to happen next, but they are wisely laying the groundwork for whatever decision they do end up making.

Chicago Tribune reporter Julie Wernau did a great job outlining the issue in this article that ran on Sunday.

I don’t have an opinion on which direction this should go but I do know it will be THE topic of discussion in the energy world (besides hydraulic fracturing) in 2014.

coffee talkIt reminds me of the Mike Myers character, Linda Richman,  from SNL. You know…the Coffee Tawk Lady.  Perhaps she would say: “Exelon is thinking about closing two or three nuclear plants in Illinois. What does this mean for baseload power in Illinois and what, if anything, she we do about it?  Discuss.”



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