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Drug-Free Workplace Webinar Recordings

OSHA, Drug Testing and Medical Marijuana, Oh My...
OSHA implemented all of its final rules on December 1, 2016, including the controversial post accident drug testing and safety incentive rules. Learn how these new rules impact drug testing in the workplace.
Marijuana in the Work Place
This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding related to trends in the workers’ compensation industry related to the medical aspects of workers’ compensation claims.

This information also assists in understanding the legal implications of marijuana in the workplace and its impact on a workers’ compensation claim. This course also addresses how to use best practices in assisting employers in setting up a drug free workplace. An overview of the changing legal environment, varying marijuana legislation, and a discussion of a guidance document formulated by ACOEM and AAOHN will be provided. Information regarding the various forms of marijuana and the ability to detect in an acute setting will be discussed.

Addiction vs Addiction Related Misconduct
Addiction in the workplace and its impact on our workforce present incredible challenges for HR in not only providing a productive but safe environment.

Addressing addiction and addiction related misconduct presents a minefield of navigability in which employers must balance ADA and FMLA, with the need to have drug testing policies and procedures in place. This interactive webinar is taught by Labor & Employment attorney Steve Jados from SmithAmundsen LLC and will help identify the critical issues that need to be addressed and how addiction and addiction related misconduct need to be handled in light of ADA, FMLA and medical marijuana.