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Jobs Agenda

Creating jobs is Job #1 for Illinois’ future.  The first task for our newly elected officials is getting the state’s fiscal house in order.  The second is to accept responsibility for improving Illinois’ economy.  Third is to pursue an action agenda to reinvigorate Illinois as a business friendly state dedicated to growth, retention and innovation.

“Illinois is not in the game,” said an economic development director from a large metro area when asked about the state’s competitiveness.  A national site selection professional said that of the 60 businesses his firm is working with, only one is even considering Illinois as a viable location.  The takeaway: a decade of turmoil has left the perception that Illinois is no longer deemed conducive for business.

Our challenge is to confront the reality of the situation and take demonstrative steps to improve the economic fortunes of employers and citizens of Illinois.

After soliciting the expertise of local chambers, professional site selection personnel, economic development directors, tax experts and business executives; this report proposes solutions to address the challenges of job creation.  Our objective is to encourage legislators, policymakers and community leaders to consider these recommendations for changing the outlook of Illinois’ future by implementing components of the Illinois Chamber’s Jobs Agenda.


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