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Business Services

HR Illinois serves as the storefront – the trademark name – for the Illinois Chamber Business Services Division’s products and services available for Illinois businesses. We provide quality compliance products and a variety of membership services to help Illinois employers save money, save time, increase revenue and grow their businesses. Our efforts complement the Chamber’s policy group who advocate on behalf of Illinois businesses with the Illinois legislature and other governmental agencies.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is the state’s largest, broad-based business advocate, working in Springfield to influence government actions affecting all Illinois businesses.

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Business Resource Center
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HR Audit Program [2]
HR Helpline Access [3]
Wage and Hour Institute [4]
IL Manufacturers and IL Service Directory [5]-IWorkZone [6]

Illinois Chamber’s Benefits Exchange [7]

Business and HR Webinar Series [8]

HR, Business and OSHA Seminar Series [9]

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