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IL Chamber Benefits Exchange

IL Chamber Benefits Exchange (1)

Group and Individual Plans Now Available — Lowest Rates Guaranteed
The Illinois Chamber of Commerce and partner IXSolutions now offer access to group and individual health insurance plans including Medicare as a benefit of membership.

IXSolutions is an Illinois-based private insurance provider and chamber member who has helped local businesses with benefits for over 28 years.

Benefits of the IL Chamber Exchange
•    Free Benefits Administration System to help manage employees
•    Payroll Integration
•    Year Round Compliance Support
•    Best Rates Guaranteed

Visit for more info.

Group Health
Through IXSolutions you have access to a complimentary benefits platform where you can manage all your employees in once place— including payroll integration, benefits administration system and on boarding.

The group platform is ideal for small business owners who want:

•    Affordable health insurance solutions
•    More control over health insurance costs
•    Coverage for full- time and part-time employees and early retirees
•    Complete HRIS system

Give us a call at (866) 472-0892 for more information or visit our site

Individual Health
You can now gain access to dozens of plans from a variety of providers including Aetna®, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and more on the Illinois Chamber’s private health insurance exchange.

The 2016 Open Enrollment Period begins November 1 2016 and ends January 31 2017, so time is limited.

Visit our individual private exchange now and get covered. Share the link with your employees. There are no minimum participation guidelines per office and no access fee for your business— it’s all included with your chamber membership.

Employees over 65 or with a qualifying disability can opt into Medicare and come off the employer’s group plan reducing costs for both parties. Employers will save on their group health plan premium and employees will save on their health insurance costs since Medicare coverage is typically less expensive.

Call today for help with Medicare coverage or visit

Why Not?
These health plans cost exactly the same as going directly through the insurance carrier— but with added benefits.

When you purchase a plan on our private exchange you will have free access to Health Advocate™— 24/7 personal service from a registered nurse.
•    Understand test results and treatments
•    Find a doctor or clinic near you
•    Resolve medical claims and billing issues

FREE Webinars- Available as recording by request to

Original air date – 08/04/16: Mid-year Health Care Reform (ACA) Update

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