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Business and Technology Webinars

Federal Contractors: Are You in Compliance with your Affirmative Action Obligations?
In this webinar, you’ll learn what your obligations are as a federal contractor so you can avoid penalties and successfully defend your organization in the event of an audit.

Construction Contracts: Recognizing and Understanding the Important Provisions
This presentation is dedicated to helping business owners understand contracts.

This will allow your company to stay in compliance and respond to new opportunities quickly. The presenters will discuss best practices and tools for implementing a Contractual Risk Transfer Policy and Program.

Illinois & Missouri Employment Law Update 2017
This two-hour webinar will provide essential information for employers who operate in Illinois and Missouri.

This webinar will examine employment litigation and dispute avoidance strategies, and offer best practices that are in compliance in both states.

What to Consider When Negotiating Commercial Leases
A carefully considered lease agreement that provides for the interests of the tenant’s business will ultimately benefit both the landlord and the tenant. In this webinar, Lisa Johnson addresses many important factors to consider when entering into a lease agreement.

Navigating the Social Media and Workplace Intersection
This webinar will address the main questions raised by this intersection and will provide tips to help employers navigate social media issues with confidence.

Motor Carriers Under Fire: How State Laws Are Impacting Motor Carriers
This workshop is going to breakdown some of the most common issues that trucking companies are facing in the state of Illinois.

The attendees will be provided examples and receive a breakdown of the proper language to include in lease and service agreements, discuss how state laws are challenging the validity of federal laws.

Liability Concerns for Small Businesses that Use Drones
More and more businesses are making use of unmanned aerial systems, also known as drones.

On one hand, drones may alleviate the safety and liability concerns that arise when an employee is tasked with a particularly hazardous activity. Yet, on the other hand, drones raise all sorts of additional liability and damage concerns.

Misconceptions & Guidelines for Properly Executing Non-Compete Agreements in Illinois
Restrictive covenants, also known as “non-competes,” are important tools.

If used properly, they can protect your company’s customer relationships and confidential information. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about these contracts.

Protecting Data and Your Company: Cybersecurity Update
This presentation will provide an overview of how companies are being challenged to implement effective procedures to protect sensitive and confidential data.

This presentation will highlight best practices for building and implementing a data security program for you company, in order to decrease the risk of security incidents and breaches.

Social Media Issues and Employment Law
he webinar will discuss employment issues in social media. Topics will include: • Using it as a business tool for recruiting (pro, cons and best practices), • How to respond to and address employee use of social media that may implicate your business, • And what to consider in crafting your own social media policy. Taught by attorney Erin Dougherty Foley of Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Business Succession
Business succession is more complicated among family members and requires more than simple buy-sell agreements.

We will review techniques that reflect the attitudes among generations and expanding basic estate planning techniques. At the end of this webinar, you will be prepared to begin the familial discussion of how to transition ownership of the closely held business. Taught by attorney Joseph Demko of SmithAmundsen.

New Pay Methods
New pay methods equals new calculations, but with two months remaining before the new Department of Labor regulations go into effect, businesses continue to miscalculate these pay methods.

This Webinar is going to review and provide specific examples of how businesses should be calculating employees’ wages and new pay methods. Wage and hour litigation continues to be high risk for businesses and this webinar will provide key examples and practical solutions to remain in compliance. The webinar will also be discussing the new compensable time issues that businesses are facing when changing its exempt employees to non-exempt. Don’t wait until it’s too late, join us for this informative and practical webinar that could save your business numerous headaches! Topics include: • Multiple pay methods available when changing exempt employees to non-exempt; • How to properly calculate those multiple pay methods to remain in compliance with the FLSA; • Advantages and disadvantages of certain pay methods; and • NEW compensable time issues after changing exempt employees to non-exempt. Businesses who attend this webinar will gain confidence on how to calculate the different wage payment options. The attendees will also have a final game plan as to how to comply with the new regulations, while also understanding the other options to decrease or increase its labor costs. Taught by attorney Sean F. Darke of Wessels Sherman.

Early Intervention Vocational Services
• What are Early Intervention Vocational Services?

• The benefits of Early Intervention Vocational Services in Workers’ Compensation. • When is it appropriate to use early intervention services and the specific types of services involved. • What can be the impact on return to work? This presentation will be taught by: • Linda S. Van Dillen, RN, BA, CCM, Chief Communications Officer | CompAlliance • Diane Beening MS, CRC, LPC, CEASI, Supervisor of Vocational Services | CompAlliance

Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
Many leaders take on most of the responsibility for creating performance plans for their direct reports and then hope for the best when it comes time to discuss results.

This course presents a shift in this traditional approach to one in which leaders and their direct reports share responsibility for all aspects of their performance.

Lease Negotiations
Will your lease agreement work for you and protect your interests in both ordinary and unexpected circumstances?

A carefully considered lease agreement that provides for the interests of the tenant’s business will ultimately benefit both the landlord and the tenant. This webinar will address many important factors to consider when entering into a lease agreement. • How does commencement relate to delivery of the premises? • Who pays for build out or construction? • When does payment of rent begin? • What are the elements of rent and how will they apply? • How are taxes, utilities, and insurance provided for and paid? • Who owns fixtures or equipment after termination? • Who pays for and handles repairs and maintenance? • Are rights to use the common areas, including parking described? • Are there rules and how do they apply to tenant’s business? • Who pays for environmental costs if they arise? • Does the lease provide for early termination, renewal, and subleasing? We look forward to answering these questions and addressing other landlord and tenant considerations.

Protecting Your Data- Challenges & Best Practices
This presentation will be an overview of how companies and organizations are being challenged to implement effective procedures to protect sensitive and confidential data, as maintained internally and as it flows externally.

Challenges include classifying and restricting information appropriately, constructing and implementing effective policies, and staying abreast of emerging technology, among other concerns. This presentation will highlight best practices to consider when building and implementing a data security program for your company, in order to decrease the risk of security incidents and breaches.

What To Do When You Are a Creditor in a Bankruptcy Case
Martha R. Lehman of SmithAmundsen LLC will present a webinar entitled “What to Do When You Are a Creditor in Bankruptcy Case.” Lehman is board certified in Business Bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification and will explain basic bankruptcy concepts. The webinar will discuss common creditor issues and provide helpful hints for handling your claims. Finally, Lehman will provide insight into claims for preferences and fraudulent transfers. The webinar will conclude with time for questions and answers.
Bankruptcy Warning Signs
What are some of the warning signs or red flags for problem loans or customer credit relationships that could lead to a possible bankruptcy filing?

We will discuss how to identify some of the clues of a potential bankruptcy. Then we will turn to the question of what can or should you do in response to these warnings signs. Finally, we will undertake an overview of issues you may face once a bankruptcy is filed. Taught By attorney Mark Wenzel of SmithAmundsen

The Complex Web of Independent Contractors: Is your Business Really Using Independent Contractors?
In the State of Illinois, businesses that use independent contractors have been under attack for years, but many businesses don't understand why they can't use independent contractors.

It's simply not enough to provide a 1099 tax form and call an individual an independent contractor. This webinar will discuss the requirements on how a business can set up an independent contractor relationship in the State if Illinois. The webinar is going to further discuss the different legal tests that are used by the courts and the government agencies to explain why certain individuals are employees and not independent contractors. Lastly, the webinar will provide key solutions on how to properly set up and independent contractor relationship.

You've Gotten the Lead, Sale or Contact: Now, How to Market, Advertise and Communicate with Your Clients and Customers While Avoiding Legal Pitfalls
In the past year alone, thousands of businesses have been sued in class action lawsuits for texting and calling consumers in error, sending advertising faxes or using automatic dialing system to send texts and make calls without having obtained the consent required by law.

In the face of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Federal Communications Commission's unforgiving and continually changing rules, inadvertent violations of the TCPA are easy and even companies attempting to comply end up paying millions of dollars in settlement and statutory damages. Businesses often assume that they have permission to contact their customers but are unaware of the specific requirements for obtaining consent or that over 100,000 telephone numbers are reassigned every day and a company could face liability for using outdated or incorrect information. Companies also, unknowingly, use equipment categorized by the FCC as an "automatic dialing system" to send texts and make calls without complying with the more stringent requirements for autodialers. Want to learn about avoiding the traps? This seminar is a must for any business that connects with its customers directly or through an outside company via text message, fax or over the telephone.

How Long Do I Need to Keep This? Creating, Maintaining and Deleting Business and Personnel Records
Businesses need to have strong practices for record retention now more that ever, especially in these paperless office days.

Noncompliance with applicable laws can incur huge penalties and could cause bigger problems if litigation should arise and the records aren't still in your files. This 90 minute webinar will provide employers with best practices designed to limit and avoid costly litigation and administrative claims related to what should and should not be kept in personnel files and business records. The webinar will also include tips on how to develop and implement practices that will help smoothly navigate the modern electronic and digital records environment, and much much more useful information.

How Can I Use My Drone in my Business?
Drones are becoming ubiquitous in this country; but they are not just toys anymore.

Brandt Madsen and Alan Farkas, co-chairs of the Aerospace Practice Group of SmithAmundsen LLC, will discuss how all sorts of business can utilize this rapidly progressing technology and how to do so without getting in the FAA's crosshairs. This webinar will cover: What laws apply to the operator; what kinds of operations have been approved by the FFA; where can I operate a drone; what do I need to use a drone in business; what happens when something goes wrong; will my CGL insurance policy cover any liability related to drones?

Outlook: Tips and Tricks to Get the Most out of It
Chances are that your company is using Microsoft Outlook as its desktop email client.

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, you are probably familiar with the basic functionality that Outlook provides. You may not be aware that Outlook includes functionality and tools which can be leveraged by you to increase your productivity and assist you in preventing tasks and to-do's to slip through the cracks. This webinar reviews features such as Shared Calendars, converting emails to tasks, scheduling meetings with a group, creating polls using an email and how integrating Office 365 can extend your capabilities even further.

Structuring Business Owner Compensation: Beyond Salary - Innovative Ways to Deliver Pay
Will include the pros, cons and how-to's of traditional pay methods, such as salaries and bonuses, as well as innovative compensation tools available to small to mid-sized businesses.

This includes split dollar life insurance, employee stock ownership plans, divident distributions, the use of loans and leases, and welfare benefit and retirement plans.

Crowdfunding - Accessing Capital for your business
What kind of capital is best for your business?

Traditional lending? Alternative lending? Venture capital financing? Crowdfunding? What are the traps for the unwary? How can you gain access to the right sources? What do lenders look for? What is crowdfunding? Is it legal in Illinois? If you plan to, or need to grow your business in 2015, you can't afford to miss this important presentation.

Structuring Business Owner Compensation: Navigating IRS Rules on Reasonableness of Pay and Other Tax Considerations
The webinar will focus on the key considerations to take into account when setting business owner and management pay, and how to navigate the IRS rules on reasonable compensation to preserve tax deductibility.

Why setting reasonable salaries is so important for your business and the factors the IRS uses in evaluating whether an owner's pay is reasonable or not. Considerations specific to different types of business entities will be discussed (ie sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation).

Business Ethics Compliance
In the workplace, there are decisions made every day that can further your company, bring together your employees, and create a positive environment for success and progress.

In order to achieve these goals as well as the many other daily and yearly objectives of any company, the leaders must understand the importance of making ethical decisionis and creating an environment, that not only is positive but also strongly motivated by doing things the 'right' way. This allows for employees in your workplace to follow the example of their superiors and develop a team that is poised for success. The presentation focuses on ethical dilemmas that will come up throughout everyone's professional experiences. By using hypotheticals to generalize ethical dilemmas, the objective will be for everyone to: Understand the value of following ethical guidelines; Exercise individual judgement and reasoning in addressing ethical dilemmas, relying upon accepted ethical approaches and ethical judgements; and recognize and understand how ethics dictates the handling of numerous types of workplace scenarios.