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Business Regulation

Bill: SB 1502
Sponsor: Sen. Hastings – Rep. Turner
Status: Failed in the House 55-49-3
Position: Oppose
Description: SB 1502 (Hastings) would require companies big and small to provide advance notice in a privacy policy of any possible disclosure of a broad range information to a third party, even if that disclosure is not in any way material to the consumer.  A failure to do so or an error — even an honest mistake where no one is harmed — could invite burdensome class action litigation and potential class action liability.

Bill: SB  1730
Sponsor: Sen. Munoz – Rep. Turner
Status: P.A. 100-0312
Position: Support
Description: SB 1730 is a pro-business, pro-consumer bill that would align rental car damage waivers (CDW) with 47 other states. Current law artificially caps what car rental companies can charge for the collision damage waiver product that they offer to renters. Under SB 1730, this would change to allow the market to determine the price. SB 1730 maintains all mandated consumer protections that are currently required for CDW, it just removes the price cap.

Bill: HB 302
Sponsor: Rep. Martwick – Sen. Collins
Status: Public Act . . . . . . . . . 100-0543
Position: Oppose
Description: HB 302 is an initiative of the Treasurer’s Office, would require life insurance companies to cross-match lapsed or expired policies against the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File to find potential beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance benefits. The bill as passed both chambers, requires all insurers to search policies in force as of Jan. 1, 2012, and to Jan. 1, 2000 if a company has electronically-searchable records.

Bill: HB 2411
Sponsor: Rep. Yingling
Status: House Consumer Protection
Position: Oppose
Description: Provides that except to the extent necessary for an employer to conduct background checks or implement employee security protocols, a private entity may not require a person or customer to provide his or her biometric identifier or biometric information as a condition for the provision of goods or services. Provides that the new provisions do not apply to: (i) companies that provide medical services; (ii) law enforcement agencies; or (iii) governmental entities.

Bill: HB 2479 (HB 821)
Sponsor: Rep. Williams
Status: House Growth, Reform, & Fairness Subcommittee
Position: Support — Chamber Initiative
Description:  HB 2479 would eliminate any Social Security number requirement for Illinois Department of Revenue (“IDOR”) registration by responsible officers of publicly-traded companies.  While HB 2479 did not advance, this provision was included in P.A. 100-0303

Bill: HB 2779 // SB 1701 
Sponsor: Rep. Werhli // Sen. McConnaughay
Status: House Cities and Villages // Senate Local Government
Position: Support — Chamber Initiative
Description: Both bills establish rulemaking requirements for home rule counties and municipalities through establishment of a County and Municipality administrative procedure act.

Bill: HB 3449
Sponsor: Rep. Williams – Sen. T. Cullerton
Status: Total Veto Stands
Position: Oppose
Description: HB 3449 would require software developers to include new disclosures full of complex and unnecessary language before you can use your favorite application – rather than the useful short-form disclosures you see today.

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