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Business Regulation

Bill: SB 1502
Sponsor: Sen. Hastings – Rep. Turner
Status: Failed in the House 55-49-3
Position: Oppose
Description: SB 1502 (Hastings) would require companies big and small to provide advance notice in a privacy policy of any possible disclosure of a broad range information to a third party, even if that disclosure is not in any way material to the consumer.  A failure to do so or an error — even an honest mistake where no one is harmed — could invite burdensome class action litigation and potential class action liability.

Bill: HB 2411
Sponsor: Rep. Yingling
Status: House Consumer Protection
Position: Oppose
Description: Provides that except to the extent necessary for an employer to conduct background checks or implement employee security protocols, a private entity may not require a person or customer to provide his or her biometric identifier or biometric information as a condition for the provision of goods or services. Provides that the new provisions do not apply to: (i) companies that provide medical services; (ii) law enforcement agencies; or (iii) governmental entities.

Bill: HB 2479 (HB 821)
Sponsor: Rep. Williams
Status: House Growth, Reform, & Fairness Subcommittee
Position: Support — Chamber Initiative
Description:  HB 2479 would eliminate any Social Security number requirement for Illinois Department of Revenue (“IDOR”) registration by responsible officers of publicly-traded companies.  While HB 2479 did not advance, this provision was included in HB 821.

Bill: HB 2779 // SB 1701 
Sponsor: Rep. Werhli // Sen. McConnaughay
Status: House Cities and Villages // Senate Local Government
Position: Support — Chamber Initiative
Description: Both bills establish rulemaking requirements for home rule counties and municipalities through establishment of a County and Municipality administrative procedure act.

Bill: HB 3449
Sponsor: Rep. Williams – Sen. T. Cullerton
Status: Failed in House Cybersecurity 5-2-3
Position: Oppose
Description: HB 3449 would require software developers to include new disclosures full of complex and unnecessary language before you can use your favorite application – rather than the useful short-form disclosures you see today.

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