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Key Legislation Index 2012



HB0280 Ins Premium Loss Data HB2891 Work Comp Definitions
HB0289 Health Ins Rate Review HB3094 Prevailing Wage Exemp.
HB0311 Universal Health Care HB3782 Privacy in Workplace
HB2063 Insurance Guarantee HB3877 Employee Fee Recovery
HB2065 Insurance Assessments HB4489 Wage Payment/Collection
HB2977 Medical Loss Ratio HB4497/SB1844 Automatic IRA
HB3968 Ins Premium Rates HB4537 Prevailing Wage Waiver
HB4574 Healthcare Exchange HB4613 UI Misconduct
HB5476 HC Executive Orders HB4614 UI Insurance Fraud
SB2194/SB2840/SB3397 Medicaid Package HB4617 1 Day Rest in 7 Penalty
SB2892 Single-Payer HC Act HB4642 Computer Tampering
SB2945 Smoke Free Privacy HB4724 Illinois FMLA


HB5546 Workers’ Comp Injury
HB3825 Recyclable Metal HB5823 Healthcare Liens
HB4676 Consumer Remedies HB5926 WC Private Management
HB4976  Covenants Non Compete SB1565 Minimum Wage-CPI
HB5200 Joint & Several Liability SB2521 Workers’ Comp Injury
HB5502 Lawsuit Lending SB2540 Unempl. Ins. Vacation
HB5745 Concealed Carry SB2541/HB3775 UI Fraud
SB3200/HB5258 Consumer Contract SB2542 UI Misconduct
SB3203/HB5259 Consumer Right to Know SB2543 UI Minimum


SB2544 UI Requalification
HB2064/HB5010 State Community Bank SB2551 Public Works PW
HB3934 EDGE Credit Approval SB2636 Exempt Employee
HB4038 NOL Carryforward SB2643 PW Public Works
HB5167 Ammunition Tax SB2847 Equal Pay Act Liability
HB5192 Tax Tribunal SB3155 PW Harassment Penalty
HB5289 Sales Tax Penalties SB3695 Prevailing Wage Filing
HB5342 Continental Shelf


HB5440 Satellite Tax HB4136 Single Vendor Portal
HB5473 NOL Restoration HB5067 Contribution Ban
SB1829 Tobacco Tax SB2929 Domestic Products
SB3215 NOL Restoration SB2958 Procurement Reform
SB2523 R&D Credit


SB3241 Veterans Tax Credit HB1249 Genetic Food Label Act
SB3253 EZ Extension HB1666 Tanning Facility Ban
SB3688 Enterprise Zone Extens. HB4018 Business Registration
HJRCA12/SJRCA5 Grad. Inc. Tax HB5369 Minimum Liqor Price
SB282 Corporate Tax Disclosure HB5302 State Chamber Fund


SB3241 Veterans Tax Credit
HB4113 Toxic Chemical Safety SB3266 Prohibited Investments
HB4986 EPA Recycling


HB5071 Electric Charge Stations HB3881 Cook County Landfill Ban
HB5373 BPA Paper Ban HB4568 Capital Bonding Plan
SB0678 Tenaska SB0184 Business Incentive Package
HB3897 Federal Fracking Standards SB2514 Road Fund Sweeps
SB3251 EPA Rulemaking SB3573 Water Investment
SB3280 Agreed Fracking Proposal SB3616 EZ Extension
SB3282 Expedited Invoice


SB3414 Emergency Rulemaking HB3898 Charter School Denial
SB3672 Air Regulation Standards HB4277 Charter School Funding
SB2950 BPA Ban


SB3766 Leucadia

SB1849 Gaming Expansion


SB2516 Video Poker Repeal
 SB2988 Union Contribution Ban
 SB3722 Contribution Disclosure