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Chamber PAC Endorsed Candidates

Chamber PAC General Election Endorsements November 2012 Election Cycle



In order to be considered for endorsement by the Chamber PAC a candidate must be in a competitive race, if an incumbent, have a 70% or better Chamber voting record, and participate in an interview.  If running for Congress, endorsement considerations are also based upon the US Chamber voting record and applicable endorsements by BIPAC, one of our political grassroots partners based in Washington, DC.


Endorsed Illinois House Candidates

Representative Dennis Reboletti (R-45th)

David McSweeney (R-52nd; open)

Susan Sweeney (R-55th; open)

Representative Sid Mathias (R-59th)

Representative Sandy Cole (R-62nd)

Representative John Cabello (R-68th; open)

Representative Richard Morthland (R-71st)

Representative Pam Roth (R-75th)

Glenn Nixon (R-79th; open)

Pat Fee (R-84th; open)

Representative Mike Unes (R-91st)

Dennis Schackelford (R-96th; open)

Robert Kalnicky (R-98th; open)

Representative Dwight Kay (R-112th)


Endorsed Illinois Senate Candidates

Senator Carole Pankau (R-23rd)

Senator Dan Duffy (R-26th)

Senator Matt Murphy (R-27)

Jim O’Donnell  (R-28th; Kotowski challenge)

Dr. Arie Friedman (R-29th; open)

Joe Neal (R-31st; open)

Frank Gambino (34th; open)

Senator Sue Rezin (R-38th)

Pat Sullivan, P. (R-46; Koehler challenge)

Mike McElroy (R-48th; open)

Garrett Peck (R-49th; open)

Senator Kyle McCarter (R-54th)


Endorsed US House of Representatives Candidates

Congressman Joe Walsh (R-8th)

Congressman Robert Dold (R-10th)

Congresswoman Judy Biggert (R-11th)

Jason Plummer (R-12)

Rodney Davis (R-13)

Congressman Bobby Schilling (R-17)