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Military Affairs Committee

Illinois Chamber publishes Military Affairs Committee Newsletter 

As part of our continuing efforts to educate Illinoisans about the importance of our defense assets, the Military Affairs Committee has launched a newsletter focusing on these assets. This newsletter will be published every three to four weeks and include updates on our efforts as well as other important information.

Newsletters are initially only available to members of the Illinois Chamber but all previous newsletters can be found at our newsletter archive [1].

Report findings presented to Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti

Benjamin Brockschmidt, the Vice President of Policy for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, was invited to present before Illinois’ Interagency Military Base Support and Economic Development Committee (IMBSEDC). This committee is chaired by Lieutenant Governor Sanguinetti and focuses on retaining and enhancing our three active facilities.

The Lieutenant Governor has pledged to continue to build upon existing work to grow the areas around the Rock Island Arsenal, Naval Station Great Lakes, and the area around Scott Air Force Base. This is in addition to enhancing the strong economic presence of defense contractors across Illinois.

Illinois Chamber Foundation study finds that Illinois defense assets contribute $13.3 billion to economy

The Illinois Chamber Foundation released the very first economic impact study of Illinois’ defense assets today, revealing that these assets contribute over $13.3 billion into our economy. This report was conducted by the Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies and supported by Lt. Governor Shelia Simon, local chambers of commerce, and private businesses from across Illinois.

Read the press release with executive summary [2]

View the full report [3]

Congressional district breakdowns

1st – IL Military Impacts [4]

2nd – IL Military Impacts [5]

3rd – IL Military Impacts [6]

4th – IL Military Impacts [7]

5th – IL Military Impacts [8]

6th – IL Military Impacts [9]

7th – IL Military Impacts [10]

8th – IL Military Impacts [11]

9th – IL Military Impacts [12]

10th – IL Military Impacts [13]

11th – IL Military Impacts [14]

12th – IL Military Impacts [15]

13th – IL Military Impacts [16]

14th – IL Military Impacts [17]

15th – IL Military Impacts [18]

16th – IL Military Impacts [19]

17th – IL Military Impacts [20]

18th – IL Military Impacts [21]


Illinois plays a vital role in our nation’s defense.

In the western part of Illinois, the Rock Island Arsenal houses several vital Army units. In the northeast, Naval Station Great Lakes is the Navy’s only boot camp. In southern Illinois, Scott Air Force base is the home of Air Mobility Command and U.S. Transportation Command, moving personnel and materials for all of the Armed Forces across the world.

Supporting these facilities and our armed forces worldwide are companies that make the goods and materials necessary for successful missions as well as providing services in support of our defense. These companies range from large corporations to small businesses and are in all corners of the state.

Competition against these Illinois businesses is fierce. A shrinking federal budget and a shrinking military are impacting military bases and defense companies across the country. States including Texas, Florida, New York and numerous others are actively working to maintain and grow their defense industry and military facilities. These states understand how important these industries and facilities are and have taken the time to research their impact in detail.

It is crucial for Illinois to mount its own effort to protect and promote the state’s federal and state defense assets and defense industry, which are a vital source of employment for all skill levels and all regions of Illinois and which serve as an economic anchor for the communities in which they reside.

Over the last few months the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Foundation, with input from the Illinois Office of the Lieutenant Governor, representatives from various Illinois agencies, and local organizations from across the state developed this Request for Proposal (RFP) to select a contractor capable of researching, analyzing, and producing a comprehensive report that details the regional and overall state economic impact of federal and state military assets and the defense industry in Illinois.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce Foundation is pursuing this project to ensure that a comprehensive assessment of Illinois’ defense assets and defense industry economy is available. There has been little research on a state wide level to highlight the economic benefits to Illinois provided by these military assets and defense industry. When completed, this report will be a valuable resource to stakeholders will aid in promoting the importance of defense assets and the defense industry economy in Illinois.

For the full RFP, please click here [22].

For questions please contact:

Benjamin Brockschmidt

(312) 983-7112

bbrockschmidt@ilchamber.org [23]


Please read [24]our President’s Message on the Creation of the Military Affairs committee.

Want to know how veteran-owned business’ can be certified?  Click here… [25]

Video on Free Resource to Fill Your Jobs with Unemployed National Guard Members

Looking for great employees?  The nonprofit American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign has a new five-minute video on how you can post jobs for unemployed National Guard members at no cost to you or applicants.

The video features General Marianne Watson, Director, Manpower and Personnel at the National Guard Bureau and others.  Your job posting is provided to hundreds of state National Guard employment counselors who work one-on-one with unemployed Guard members to match them with jobs.  This is a huge resource for employers looking for skilled, experienced and reliable employees.

Watch the video here:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/video.html [26]

Take five minutes to register now for posting jobs at no cost at http://www.centerforamerica.org/register.html [27].  Center for America is coordinating the alliance campaign.  All services are free to employers and applicants.

Phillips 66 is the lead corporate sponsor of American Jobs for America’s Heroes.

“At Phillips 66, we know that the National Guard offers outstanding experience, skills and training, and its members and veterans make valuable employees,” said Larry Ziemba, executive vice president, Refining, Projects and Procurement for Phillips 66 and chair of the AJAH campaign leadership council. “We encourage other companies to step up recruitment of National Guard members and participate in the Center for America’s efforts to connect these heroes with employers.”

Lew Ebert, president and CEO of the North Carolina Chamber, says this about the campaign:  “American Jobs for America’s Heroes is a win/win program.  Small to mid-size employers looking for skilled employees now have an avenue to post job openings at no cost, and the more than 60,000 unemployed National Guard members, veterans and spouses have a well-organized place to match their skills with available jobs. The North Carolina Chamber wholeheartedly supports this effort to create jobs and encourages North Carolina businesses to post applicable open positions on the National Guard job portal.”